Arcobareno Derby Shoes

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Arcobareno Derby Shoes


Derby Shoes - A derby is a style of boot or shoe characterized by quarters with shoelace eyelets that are sewn on top of the vamp. 

Types of derby:

·  The Plain Derby - The plain derby consists of a vamp and quarters and does not feature any other embellishments such as broguing, cap toes or heel caps.

· The Cap Toe Derby - The cap toe derby may or may not feature broguing, though more often than not the broguing is usually restricted to the edge of the toe cap but sometimes you also see medallions. 

·The Wingtip Derby/ Brogue - These have the pointed toe cap with extensions that can either extend along both sides of the shoe or stop just short of the heel cap and are thus called wingtips.

· The White Buck - The White Buck, while technically a derby because of its lacing system, is a shoe with an identity of its own and as such deserves a separate article. 

·The Wholecut Blucher - A wholecut is a shoe whose upper is cut from a single piece of leather.

· Apron Toe / Moc Toe Derby - An apron toe derby has an additional piece of sewn leather covering the top of the vamp like an apron. This is usually around the upper perimeter of the vamp and does not extend to the end of the toe.